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Anyone have a recommendation for some earphones that can easily be stowed away in my jacket pocket (with my crusty old ipod), but that don't sound terrible?

More info:
Really, I can't hear the distinction between high-end headphones and decent ones. Noise canceling would be awesome but I'm probably not willing to pay a lot for it. These are the "commuting" headphones and they get banged around a fair bit.

The original ipod buds started shocking me (they are, as I mentioned, quite old) and my Seinheisers got caught in something and suffered a torn wire. Before I just replace them I'd love to hear opinions.

In other news, why hasn't anyone written a decent, consistently upated LJ widget? Maybe there's one I don't know about. Oh, and it's 46 degrees after being 80 on Friday.

I'd really love j and I both to magically get new iPods, but that's not happening. One of those decadent purchases that I'd actually get a lot of love out of.
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