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Sunday, a day of reading

I am sitting here trying to read a lot of Lukacs today, but feeling enh about it. I always enjoy the second reads a lot more than the first reads of these types of dense philosophy books... because I can read more quickly (i.e. comfortably).

Funny to read Kant's missives on Taste and than start a book on Taste by Leticia Baldridge on the same day. I love books on etiquette and style, as contemporary ignorance of manners gives me the wiggins.

In the "bodily injuries" category:

Friday I cut my finger with a bread knife. Sliced right through the nail. It um... made a mess. Somehow we managed to be out of bandaids, so it wore a gauze cast for a couple of days.

That poor finger... earlier this week I got a horrid splinter in it. When j. tried to help extract it, I felt like I was 6 again, with my dad telling me angrily not to be a baby. J was more patient than Dad, but he gave up in the face of my immense wimpiness.

Mmmm guacamole
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