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Feel free to ignore this... noting for self because it was odd.

Dreamt of post-apocalyptic world. Was in part of a city where gangs had taken over. I felt a chill go over an entire city block and one by one everyone turned their heads and so they were facing the nearest wall, and looked down and away. I glanced up the block and saw a gang of men whose faces were hidden, enshrouded by red cloths (draped over their entire heads, ghost style). They didn't seem to notice me looking at them, and walked right past me into a store where they promptly shot the only white kid in there. The kid collapsed in front of me and I leaned forward, looked into his eyes and said: 'I'm sorry, but you have beautiful eyes'. (Big, hazel.)

Just then, the building exploded and everyone was killed but me because the dead kid's body shielded me. It exploded in micro-fragments of glass, exploded so completely that everything was covered in a mist of glass pieces. My exposed arms immediately began leaking blood from thousands of tiny holes. I collapsed and woke up in the hospital.

J was standing over me. He said "we need to get you out of here." "They saw you look at them (the gang with the red shrouds) and now they're coming for you. " I knew somehow that I'd feel them coming by the absolute chill their presence produced in the atmosphere, like they'd sucked all of the light from a space.

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