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Memorial Day is not for UofC students

I am in the library, my new favorite place to be. It'd only be better if my dogs were allowed up here and they'd actually behave themselves. I really like listening to my footsteps as I walk up S. University Ave. to the Library.

So yesterday J took me shopping... for men's clothes. He had a hunch that the reason clothes often look lumpy and ill-fitting on me is that my figure is so boyish as to not be suited for most female-tapered items. So we went to Kenneth Cole and Banana Republic and Guess and put me in some dapper men's shirts (and one pair of pants) that made my figure look utterly different in a good way.

Plus, I'll admit that I really like dressing like a 13-year old prep school boy.

Marshall Field's/Macy's didn't get our business because they only had men's dressing rooms on the second floor and wouldn't let me use one of the stalls even though each had a lockable door. Considering the dollar value of what I was holding in my arms, and the number of girlfriends hovering outside of their man's changing room door, one would think they'd be more flexible. They were the only place that eyeballed me funny the entire day.

Anyway, I think I'll be shopping in the men's sections for the most part now- apart from dresses and the occasional skirt (although I almost never wear them...)

Oh, and if I didn't have a non-grad student husband I don't know if I'd have known that tomorrow is Memorial Day. Doesn't change my schedule any!

And furthermore, there were people lifting weights on my street next to a purple 80s Monte Carlo convertible with the biggest tires and rims I've ever seen. Its radio was blaring something gangsta rappy. It made me smile. I have now learned thanks to google that this is a very common car to "pimp out".

Could I be any whiter? No, no I could not.
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