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Last night I read...

something that sums up my year here... in a book about learning

"There are long plateaus when you don't seem to make any progress at all. You are, in effect, wandering around in the underground activity of trying to get better at lots of different skills but always being at a disadvantage since you lack the other skills that are prerequisites. And even to the extent that you do make progress and actually do come closer to being able to perform some of these skills– this process is never visible: nothing budges till everything budges." (135).


"Writing badly, then, is a crucial part of learning to write well. Indeed, regressing and falling apart are a crucial and usually necessary part of any complex learning... When the price of failure is very high, a learner tens to close himself off from improvement in this sort of complex, global skill. If he sticks with ABC, he can always turn out a better performance, a better product, a better grade, than if he embarks on XYZ." (136)

^^^ I didn't stick with ABC. I kept taking risks. I don't give myself much credit but I HAVE been willing to break down everything I thought I knew before this year and be a mess for a while. The problem with this program is that there isn't really time for that, but I am -glad- I did it anyway.
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