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In which I realize I haven't been posting

I know I haven't posted here at all in more than a week. I actually have meant to, but couldn't get past my overwhelming sense of UGH this week. In addition to feeling sick and having odd congestion that comes and goes, I have been oogy since last weekend.

Of course, last weekend I spent July 4th outside by the lake inadvertently getting a sunburn (I didn't realize we'd be there so long and while I was coated in sunblock and reapplied it didn't cover me for the full day... in a couple of places.) I also drank an absurd amount of J's chili spiced lemongrass mojitos and got drunk. (I didn't mean to drink so much, it was just tasty.) So yeah, I am a delicate organism and that was too much sun and booze for me. I ain't been right since.

Thesis goes well.... although I alternated between thinking I rock and suck about four times today. Mostly I have wanted to sleep through the week. We finally worked it out with the upstairs neighbors so they're making less noise in the middle of the night. I lost a few night's sleep to that...

I have rediscovered the joy of smoothies... when I am not dealing with my stomach trying to beat its way out of me.
Oh, and I am baking my first cake this weekend for j's birthday.

Phew, quick post- done :) Hi!
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