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Things happen for a reason

So, one of my big core operating beliefs in the world is that everything happens the way it's supposed to- miserable, awful things even. There's something we're supposed to take from them.
And I know how this sounds... it sounds like an attempt to find comfort in a chaotic and apparently meaningless world, and maybe it is. Maybe it's naive and wishful thinking.

Nonetheless, I enjoy it because it encourages me to ask myself what I am supposed to be learning from a situation, even when I am miserable, and to search for the meaning in what I am doing even when it doesn't seem to be there. It helps me to stop and listen quietly to what my instincts are telling me. There have been some moments I thought of as just random injustice in my life, of me sabatoging the way things were supposed to happen....

but they've always led to some sort of massive life lesson or learning experience that made me a better person than the original path would have. Some experiences have been so painful that I haven't been able to think of them this way for years.
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