lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

uptown girl

I am in a bar near Chicago's "Loop". I feel like I'm in a Sex and the City episode. It's loud and everyone is drinking. I can feel the bass vibrating in my knees and feet. The girls surrounding me seemingly spent careful time in front of the mirror preparing themselves to meet men. I don't know how they can hear anyone they do meet.

I have never understood bars within which it's too loud to talk but one is not intended to dance... at least not in any organized way. Give me a quiet bar with good cocktails any day, or a loud bar with a good show, or a club where dancing is the agenda.

See LJ? I am updating you twice in one day after a month of silence. It's just...After I turned 25 I refused to shout to be heard. Hm, that's as good a place to end it as any I suppose.
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