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Office space

My new office has no windows. I am not super particular about office space except for that one thing. I need to be able to look out a window. When I cannot see outside I get really ansty. It doesn't help that nobody has brought me my bookshelves yet, so I basically have a desk in an empty white, windowless room. The guy across the hall probably thinks I'm a bit crazy, because I keep getting up out of my chair and walking just far enough to see his window from my office.

I feel badly being negative about this because I am so glad to have the job. But it's just hard to get work done in here.
I know, I may be the most uptight person ever.

I'd love to bike to work, but I need to replace my bike before I do that, and we'll probably be in the inclement weather by then. I'd like to work my way up to doing the ride to work during the nice weather. Or.... nicer.

Ok, back to prepping a seminar discussion on semiotics. It's a lot easier for the professors I had last year- UofC students (in the classes I took) won't shut up, so there isn't as much prep time. My undergrads do talk, but they also sit and look at me sometimes, and then I panic.
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