lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Snapshots of my day

Tiny updates:

  • 10:22 I know in my heart the new Cure album isn't going to make me happy, but I need a fix *Twitch* #
  • 12:45 Wow... tomorrow I turn 30 *ponder* things seem to make more sense as I get older. #
  • 12:50 What do I want for my birthday? Why, a gift certif to, and my entire amazon wishlist: #
  • 20:29 My mom sent a bouquet of roses for my birthday, my new buckwheat pillow came today, and we bought a new kettle! Yay! #
  • 21:07 Ok, J and I officially like brussels sprouts. Guess all this time we needed to learn how to cook them properly. #
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