lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Snapshots of my day

Tiny updates:

  • 10:44 We saw an Italian film last night called I'm Not Scared. Recommended: 4/5. I also baked my own Starbucks Pumpkin scones and they're goood. #
  • 11:59 Grading grading grading. And yes, writing comments. I won't be a bad prof. #
  • 12:31 Ok, next semester I guess I'll have to go over why citing sources is important in a research paper *palm.forehead* #
  • 13:52 Ah, student wrote a paper about the appeal of anarchism to 'her generation', citing Crass. I was an anarcho-punk and Crass fan in highschool #
  • 14:46 I just read in a paper: "[these films] went straight to DVD or paper view".... #
  • 16:52 A line you don't read every day: "victims were beaten with a 2-by-4 board as part of initiation into the band’s French horn section." #
  • 21:12 I wonder if there's enough distance between me and my microwave popcorn to do a yogic headstand for a lil while. #

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