lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Snapshots of my day

This was my day:

  • 10:45 Looking forward to avocado maki at the Sushi tweetup tonight!
  • 10:58 Squrrels also like nachos:
  • 13:18 Veg French Onion Soup for lunch. I shall follow it up with an orange chocolate chip coogie.
  • 13:23 Am working on my keynote presentation. Oh, and writing myself affirmations.
  • 13:54 I am really into all things lucky, charms, etc. right now so if you come across any, send 'em my way :)
  • 14:12 Erm.... I am teaching 3 classes this spring. I just got an email that one is being transferred to another prof bc 2 of his were cancelled?
  • 14:25 Ok, indeed I am only teaching 2 courses. That feels really wrong somehow.
  • 15:20 Okay, I like presenting, but making slides is boring... and I try not to make scary PP-Hell presentation slides.
  • 17:58 On my way to the sushi tweetup with the handsome J.
  • 18:41 Well hello sushi tweetuppers. :) Maybe we should push some tables together.
  • 19:52 Am so full of sushi right now.
  • 22:02 Home from sushi tweetup. Think I'll rip out more of my knitting oops rows :P

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