lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Snapshots of my day

This was my day:

  • 08:42 Have to go teach soon, but am still in the "blinking myself awake" stage of the morning. Yawn!
  • 11:59 Wow, that's going to be my chatty class. Love it! I basically just need to call on people :)
  • 12:25 Somewhere within the last week my extended family all joined Facebook!
  • 12:29 I just got into a PhD program! Wow. I will have somewhere to go!!!!!!!!! 2eqeqeqweqwrqweqw! *falls over*
  • 13:06 Wow... going through waves of having it sink in that I won't be panhandling next fall.
  • 13:06 @ everyone. Thanks so much for the congrats. Means a lot!
  • 13:36 When I come out of this daze I'll um... something something... adrenaline!
  • 16:21 Wow well I just learned why it's called 'jewelers row'. How does the city support so many diamond shops? Never seen quite that # elsewhere.
  • 19:42 Oh my god, I am now obsessed with reading
  • 21:03 Crap, I just got lotion on my chocolate bar! That'll teach me to multitask

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