lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Snapshots of my day

This was my day:

  • 23:46 i've had this weird urge to go back to the top of the Sears Tower and just ... sit... for a long time. Maybe I will sometime.
  • 11:46 I finally tried Valois for breakfast. I don't think Obama gets to go there anymore. They'd have to kick everyone out to secure it.
  • 13:07 At the Oriental Museum with J, looking at sphinxes.
  • 14:07 Every other day I say 'I vow to be better at making plans with people!' And then, I don't. I'll, um, reaffirm that I do love my friends.
  • 17:30 Um, V-day coming during certain times of the month means I totally want to go buy myself a box of chocolates.
  • 17:56 Going to go out to dinner with J soon. Were going to cook at home, but he's pooped.
  • 18:50 Moment of being a giddy girl! J gave me an amazing (Canadian) ring for V day! Never had anything like this!
  • 21:19 Siam is the best Thai food that I've had in Chicago and deserves more patrons:
  • 21:54 We watched the Scottish Film 'Dear Frankie' tonight. Highly recommended.

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