lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Snapshots of my day

This was my day:

  • 23:10 Am drinking apple cider vinegar. Don't ask... it's a folk remedy that works. *Gag*
  • 08:47 Well, it was thoroughly dead on the bus this morning. Don't get me wrong, an empty 6 = room to take up 2 seats with my bags.
  • 10:10 I am endlessly surprised by how I can study something, have it not stick, then go to bed and wake up knowing it perfectly.
  • 11:08 AKLfjfjskdjflskdjfskjgslgslgkjdglkjsldg! *falls over*
  • 11:14 Am not in a good mood. Can I go back to bed yet?
  • 14:01 I did something uncharacteristic of me- I bought a Diet Coke from a vending machine. If you see me with a cigarette, smack me.
  • 15:40 I am just having a terrible day today. Sigh.
  • 16:04 going to go do yoga and try to find my happy place
  • 19:12 Post yoga I'm feeling a ton better!
  • 19:54 I just learned that Kirk Cameron is a big actor in evangelical films. (!)

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