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Thieves, man, THIEVES   
03:16pm 10/08/2007
  One thing I've had to get used to about a big city- everyone is out to steal your stuff- (at least in Woodlawn- google map link!) It's not as though I would have recommended anyone leave their bike unlocked in Providence, but I've had to adapt to a different level of dishonesty here.

I already posted about the attempted theft of my new bike. Today, I went down into the locked basement of my building and found that someone had broken into our storage locker (which contains nothing valuable, and therefore I don't think they took anything.) The storage lockers sort of rely on the basement door being locked, as their sides are merely alternating panels of wood and chicken-wire. It's almost silly that we bothered to put a padlock on them, except that nobody was even using the other storage lockers and it was effort to even get the door key. I figured it was a low traffic area.

Anyway, someone cut the chickenwire, then seemed to stop and ask themselves "what am I going after? I can see everything in there and I don't need old art supplies, dog crates, or framed posters of sentimental value only to their owners."

Accepting that our building is full of dishonest people (and one bitchy lady with two kids) is part of our overall difficulty in settling into a sense that this is (a) home. I haven't posted about our other problems with the living situation yet, but I think I'll finally delve into it soon.

On a happy note, bike baskets are next to godliness.
And after researching a lot this week, we're going to try putting our dogs on the raw diet (aka "BARF" ;) ). I'm excited actually. It brings out the gleeful geek in me to be buying flax seed oil and yogurt for my dogs.
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