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01:32pm 13/08/2007
mood: pooped
Um, a tree just crashed to the ground right across the street from me. It must be related to all of the university construction. It startled me, that's for sure. Based on a conversation with my mom just now (pertaining to the health of some of my relatives) I am feeling lucky to just be tired. I am very tired though. The J-man and my sleep was interrupted this weekend and then yesterday we walked around most of the day (but we had the best guacamole in Old Town and I had a mojito with tequilla in it. I know that sounds gross, but it oddly wasn't. It was good tequilla.)

Today I promised myself three things:
1. I would figure out which book on my summer reading list I was going to start on.
2. Re-read a children's story I've written and see if it needs re-working, then try to decide whether I need to try to get an agent for it or just submit the thing.
3. Meditate- 10 minutes minumum

I have this vision of getting up earlier, but so far I haven't been doing that yet. I've just been so fatigued every morning. I want to do at least 20 minutes of yoga every morning to get my day off to a bit more of a mindful start.

Oh, no, if they cut down a second large tree I am going to scream and run out after them with my hand-saw. You'll see me on the reuters top headlines.
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