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11:03am 18/08/2007
  Really good bellydancing is amazing to watch. Last night we went out with j's brothers to a Lebanese restaurant, and as we sat curled up on cushions in thw corner we were treated to a performance by a strikingly beautiful Persian woman. We also tried a hookah for the first time. I was thoroughly contented to sit on my pillow and eat stuffed grape leaves while puffing out sweet smoke and drinking good chai. God, I feel like I can't do the experience justice while typing on my PDA. (I've been out so much lately that the only way I seem to ever have a chance to recount my adventures is on this tiny keyboard.)

I'm actually in Bronzeville right now at our storage locker, waiting for j to return with the key.

Oh so, yeah, I am obsessed with the grape leaves lately. And I am constantly thrilled by how there's always somehing interesting happening around here. The getting there is the main issue.
(That paragraph took like five minues to type on this thing.)

Hey, question for the urban bikers among you- when you come to a red light, and you can see that there are no cars coming, do you wait at the light or do you get a head start in front of traffic? I know bikes are supposed to obey traffic laws, but it seems like most don't. (And yes, sometimes one has to ride on the sidewalk for one reason or another, but not all the time!)

That beautiful bellydancer teaches classes. Would that she was closer and I wasn't consumed by yoga. I suppose I could DVD it again, but it's not the same obviously. She could balance a sword on edge on her head as she shimmied!

Ok, my fingers hurt.
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