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The further adventures   
10:50am 13/09/2007
  This morning finds me in the lobby of the downtown Chicago NBC building. I am here to watch my dog trainer make an appearance on a live morning program. I figured... why not? I am supposed to be a media researcher and I have never seen television made. Plus, live television is pretty intriguing.

So here I am next to some folks who look like they've done this before, under a big photo of Martha Stewart. I am marveling over the size of Jay Leno's chin, thanks to a neighboring photo.
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Tell me...   
11:12am 13/09/2007
  Where does reading Marx and Engels in an NBC studio rate on the irony scale of 1-10?  
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Things I learned today   
05:49pm 13/09/2007
  1. Anyone as pale as I am looks positively reflective on television. I am a big white head.

2. TV audience wranglers ask you to clap in "double-time" because it sounds like a larger audience is present if you do. (Seriously, hearing people clap extra fast did create that illusion. I was fascinated.)

3. Television studio cameras are enormous

4. City skyline set backdrops are craaapppppy looking in person.

5. I am not a 38A bra size, I am a 34B. Thank you Nordstrom. Gals, go get fitted if you never have.

6. Most bras are still torture devices, even in the right size.

7. I am cheap about clothes. I like buying clothes, but I don't know how to dress myself properly so I just ignore them. Clothes shopping makes me tense. It'd be easier with a sidekick attuned to my budget and who could also make me look good (i.e. a pro-bono stylist or personal shopper)

8. Bras are more expensive than I think they should be. As I'm fed up having to replace cheap-o purchases, I may have to get more flexible about that.

9. Jerry Springer is taped in Chicago, and yes I am tempted. For research, of course. (I've never actually seen the show... I think this'd be a good introduction.)

10. Aside from occasional sensations that my hair is moving / brain twinges as I withdraw from the paxil, I am feeling much better. God that stuff was toxic for me.
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