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Glum way to start a Tuesday   
10:06am 25/09/2007
  Great, my "I am sucking it up and ordering bras" order was stolen. Or missing. It was supposedly delivered last Thursday. Once in Rhode Island this happened with a drugstore.com package and drugstore sent me a replacement right away. Any bets on whether American Eagle will help me? Their response will determine my ever shopping with them again, even though it's not their fault.

Am having trouble reading articles now.
A kindred soul   
11:17am 25/09/2007
mood: still irate
I was pleased to read in a personal essay:

"I have a constant low-grade fear of the telephone. I often call people with the intention of getting their answering machines." - Meghan Daum

I mean, I need my phone (who doesn't?) I use it to make errand calls all the time. It's the primary way I talk to my parents. It keeps me from worrying about j. too much. I still wish I could communicate solely through writing/in person. My ideal phone lets me go online to send people email, to chat with them via text. The phone part is just an unfortunate necessity.
I even feel shy talking to j. on the phone.

Most phone calls require I psych myself up and then engage in an act of bravery.
I put them off as long as I can. Phone interview? Nightmare.
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