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I also like to mop   
02:09pm 28/09/2007
  Looking over my reading list for this week and next, I first thought "I may disappear under a mound of reading material never to resurface."

Then I realized that this was filling me with a sort of giddy glee.

A random aside   
02:29pm 28/09/2007
mood: shleepy
OK, does anyone know if there's a device in this country that allows you to scan words while reading and get a definition for them as you go? I know Japanese students have this gadget, but they have much cooler study gadgets in general.

I get sick of looking things up. I also get sick of not finding definitions because it turns out it's a word the writer created.

p.s. I got up at 7 this morning to do yoga before class. I've been practicing yoga in the morning because all of my classes are in the afternoons/early evening (except Fridays.) I may not be able to make a habit out of the Friday morning thing. It felt too rushed and I really, really hate getting up before I absolutely have to.
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