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Vote for little Mei?   
10:49am 20/12/2007
mood: awake is not a mood
Ahhhhhhhhh Mei is a finalist in a doggie "inside and out" makeover contest, but she's losing!

I don't ask you for much, friends list, but please vote!!!!!


If you've seen her in person, you know she needs a makeover.

ETA- To those who are helping out by taking the time to vote, we really appreciate it :)
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Thank you, sneaky person   
12:30pm 20/12/2007
mood: thankful
Whomever sent the Harry & David fruit pack to J and I- it got here safely, and THANK YOU! :) Everything looks delicious. I am bringing it with us to PA/NJ so nothing spoils and we can maybe even share the fruit, IF it gets past me. Those pears particularly...mmmm...