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Link time!   
10:48am 03/02/2008
mood: okay
Two things to share with you on this fine Sunday morning.

1. Man crush? What? (If you can't access this Tribune article for login reasons, just do a search on Tom Brady and crush. See, I AM aware the Super Bowl is today! ;)

2. This animated short from Osamu Tezuka, circa the mid 1980s will make your day better. (PG rated).

p.s. j made me really good tea this morning. I think he likes me. He wouldn't share his tea with just anyone.
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Big fat deal   
07:32pm 03/02/2008
mood: pouty
I am grumpy and unproductive and bloated (TMI) and nurf. I just feel like everything is icky today, particularly being inside my body. I hate feeling this way.

*grump and pout*

Oddly, I noticed none of my entries about NYC sent. I was marveling at the process of being behind-the-scenes at a major magazine, and alas, my cellphone posting seems to have failed. Oh well.