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Irish citizenship   
11:19am 20/03/2008
mood: moody
I'm psyched... my dad finally got around to submitting his paperwork to be an Irish citizen (my uncle did as well). When he gets cleared, I can submit as well and be a dual citizen :) I actually have an advantage over him in one sense because my mom adds more Irish to me, and a disadvantage because he's obviously closer to the actual immigrants.

Anyway, NYC's consulate apparently moves extra slowly (my uncle got to submit to Boston... it's whichever is closest to your place of residence), so it may be a long time before we hear back. It's not as though I plan to live in the EU, but it'd be nice to know I could live or work or be eligible for scholarships there if I wanted to be....
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A new record for post fluff   
06:49pm 20/03/2008
mood: moody
I feel as though I'd like to change my appearance in order to feel better. I have a hairstyle in mind that I'd need to grow into a little bit... I don't know. This may be one of those "I feel unhappy so I'll change the way I look and fix it!" silly moments. It does work though :)

Oh, and does anyone have either a small 18-20g circular barbell like this or an "inny" stainless steel ball? It doesn't seem to be worth paying for shipping for those and I haven't found a piercing shop nearby yet. My ring lost its ball :(
Snapshots of my day   
11:07pm 20/03/2008
  Tiny updates:
  • 10:25 Mmmm peanut butter bumpers... tasty cereal #
  • 12:13 proofreading my paper.... watching the backhoes shovel gravel onto what will be a sidewalk. #
  • 13:10 We haven't gotten mail in 2 days. If the mailman doesn't come today I am going to kill someone. #
  • 15:55 Um, apparently Chicago is due to get "snizzle" overnight.... tinyurl.com/2tdee7 Snizzle? #
  • 16:46 I hope my angry letter to the post office works. Could there be a city as disorganized as Chicago? #