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03:14pm 24/03/2008
mood: chipper
Today's pretty sweet. My mail finally came (twice in one day) after not coming for five days. It brought me deliciously scented soy wax tarts. My apartment is currently being made to smell like "lemon sugar" (Just like those lemon girl scout cookies used to smell. Seriously.) So much better than "Eau de Mei going potty on the floor".

I also got my first massage, from the affordable massage place uptown. It was Swedish, which I figured was a good place to start. I always seem to oscillate between feeling tickled and in pain when (amateur) people massage me. The professional massage had both of these attributes, but was pretty gentle. I'm not super impressed with how it made me feel, though. I'll need to go again in a month, try something different, and start building a sense of what I like and what works.

We went to Trader Joe's this weekend and got a metric ton of food for a reasonable price. I like TJs. Some of the best things there are either things you need to know about or get creative with. I just enjoyed the three layer hummus. I am also enjoying reviewing things at http://www.traderjoesfan.com/

Of course, I can do all of this because I finished the quarter. Most people in my program are 2/3 done it, but I'm doing a summer lang. intensive so I am more like... 3/5 done. Having to bang out three long papers in a really short time was taxing... and I'm not entirely sure about the resultant quality.
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11:08pm 24/03/2008
  Tiny updates:
  • 19:48 I hate when people say "addicting" rather than "addictive". I hate more that some dictionaries have added "addicting". #
  • 20:41 I wonder if I'll ever feel like part of a group of friends... #