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10:12am 11/06/2008
mood: slightly grumpy
Have any of you ever happily used a travel agent to plan a trip somewhere? J and I have our 5th (wedding) anniversary coming up this fall, plus my 30th birthday *Gag*[1] so we were thinking about knocking a "place we'd like to visit" off the list.

However, it'd be nice to find a package deal of some sort, or choose where we go based on price because let's face it, I'm currently earning NO money.

We never got a honeymoon, because I was teaching at the time and couldn't take off in the middle of an academic quarter. By the time we had the time off we couldn't afford it (ah, academia, you bleed me dry).

1. This is where all of you who have triumphantly passed 30 and are calm and collected about it get to laugh at me.
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Snapshots of my day   
11:14pm 11/06/2008
  Tiny updates:
  • 13:21 J is home sick today. I am having trouble getting work done because my brain think it's a weekend. #
  • 15:30 Argh, London's skin flakiness is worse. We're trying a grain-free diet with him to see if that helps... don't know what else to do yet. #
  • 17:21 I really wish Netflix's instant playing of movies worked on macs. I hope they speed that up. #