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What an f'ed up culture   
01:13pm 11/09/2008
mood: trepiditious
I still need to get used to teaching 3 hour discussion classes. I haven't got a feel of how much to prep and how best to lead discussions involving students who don't always want to talk.

But I'm distracted form what this entry was going to be about by the conversation occurring across the hall from me. Two youngish faculty members are talking about their forthcoming books and how little they sleep. One guy bragged about only sleeping "5 out of the last 9 days" and the other said he averages about 4 hours of sleep each night.

No, no way. I want to remain in academia and I love what I do (so far), but I refuse. I can't do that. I need my sleep. I at least am a workaholic, but I also believe in- insist on breaks!

I hate hearing how so many faculty members live. It makes me afraid that it isn't an optional way to live. I believe in the simple, logical fact of maintaining my health above all.
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