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My Twitter Posts   
09:36am 04/11/2008
  Hey all, I know not everyone enjoys the twitter posts but until apps go out - between that and teaching four courses right now, I don't have much blogging time. So it's my way to kind of keep in touch with LJ and let you know how I'm doing. :) (In 140 characters or less.)

So I'd love if you'd read them and comment, but obviously if you skip them I'll understand.
And if you want to friend me on twitter, clicking on the #-mark after any entry will take you to my page.
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Snapshots of my day   
11:21pm 04/11/2008
  Tiny updates:

  • 09:13 Well um the area around my office (grant park) is interesting today. Security is super tight. #
  • 09:33 Ok...the Starbucks in my academic building isn't participating in the freebies. Poo. #
  • 09:58 Every so often I am checking election results on chicagopublicradio.org #
  • 10:15 #votereport obama #
  • 15:02 A student just referred to "the Daily Show with John Lennon." #
  • 15:14 Trying to find my bus through the blocked off streets, Obama vendors' and lost tourists. #
  • 18:21 This election coverage is going to give me a heart attack. #
  • 19:46 I would have the flaky internet connection of doom tonight #
  • 19:48 I am proud of my dad for volunteering for the Democrats in a rich Republican lovin' part of PA #
  • 20:05 Oh good, we may not have to have a riot in Chicago this eve ;) #