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Snapshots of my day   
12:14am 21/01/2009
  This was my day:

  • 10:56 Listening to inauguration from my car while waiting for the pet store to open. I still think of this song as "my country tiz of lee."
  • 11:00 *sips cappucino and listens to lovely classical composition*
  • 11:06 Heh a little stumbling on the oath there. #inaug09
  • 11:10 Am still surprised that this country elected Obama! Made me reevalute the character of the voting pub. even if only 52%. :) #inaug09
  • 11:35 V cranky after wasting over an hour of my morning sitting in front of the pet store, to find out it decided to close for inaug day.
  • 11:43 Big fluffy white snowflakes. I bet Obama wishes he was here at home ;) #inaug09
  • 11:58 Someone poo'ed in my work email.
  • 12:30 Am downloading the iWork09 trial so I can test out Keynote.
  • 12:35 Oh sweet, work is going to give me iWork. Er... that was an odd sentence. Time for gen mai cha!
  • 12:56 Oy, today is a lousy day so far :/ (on a personal level)
  • 17:50 1. I love my dear J 2. Meditation tonight, methinks.
  • 19:38 My mailman elected not to show up today. Feh.
  • 21:01 Noticed a knitting mistake 8 rows back. Ripping it all out as a lesson to myself about patience and non-grasping.