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Snapshots of my day   
01:51am 25/01/2009
  This was my day:

  • 11:16 Got my cappucino and croissant.... life eez tasty
  • 12:52 Am feeling incredibly lazy. The theme of this weekend is going to be 'fattening foods' :) And I just got over Christmas!
  • 13:33 Hm, I think I spend too much time looking at my computer. *wanders off*
  • 14:52 On my way to Molly's cupcakes. Have been a bit low-hopefully cupcakes will help.
  • 17:54 Cupcakes were great! I had one filled with cookie dough, which was sort of insane :)
  • 21:13 Yay, I seem to have repaired my knitting project. Hm, I should clean my laptop, however.
  • 21:20 Want a free sample of tea? www.yogitea.com/Pages/FreeSamples.html
  • 22:24 Have you ever seen an elephant seal? They're pretty weird. The males are the weirdest.