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Snapshots of my day   
12:05am 09/02/2009
  This was my day:

  • 10:04 I love vanila almond milk. I never liked rice milk, but almond milk is yummy (with cereal)
  • 11:13 New blog post in which I review Method dish cubes :) ecocleanreview.blogspot.com/
  • 11:59 Although we have many wonderful high quality teas in the house, I love teabags too.
  • 12:08 I love staying in hotels. I particularly love it when with my J, and in a city. I like 2 sit in hotel bar and look thoughtful.
  • 13:12 Gahhh I really need to start meditating. Why is it so hard to set aside just 10 mins a day? Maybe I can get J to bully me.
  • 20:43 Having me a martini, thanks to my J-san