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Snapshots of my day   
12:06am 11/02/2009
  This was my day:

  • 09:26 Apparently programs, once they accept you, begin showering you with free travel to convince you to come... I didn't know that! :)
  • 09:44 I would be okay if the weather was 50-60 most of the time. And I won't be able to be outside much today!
  • 15:49 Phew, finally back from marathon class day. I really like 'Affluenza' Cute 90s PBS documentary
  • 17:03 I'm sure this has been tweeted already but I just saw it! Chicago 3rd most miserable city in U.S. tinyurl.com/buodhl
  • 18:00 I am so fried right now that I'm just lying here on the sofa watching the Office (UK) and drinking tea.
  • 19:38 I am really sheepish that I can never remember how to connect my laptop to our speakers.