February 16th, 2009

christmas head

Snapshots of my day

This was my day:

  • 09:59 Crappy night's sleep plus allergies? Oof. Grumble.
  • 10:39 I don't feel like working at my desk today, so I am sitting at the kitchen table hoping the un-ergonomic setup won't be a huge problem.
  • 11:25 One facebook app I think you should add- helps Humane Society save shelter dogs: tinyurl.com/ao2o88
  • 12:35 Oh, huh, all you people going to Epic Burger... it's right around the corner from my office. Wonder if they have veggie burgers.
  • 13:21 Gah, my wrist has been really bothering me since yesterday. Not sure if I did something odd during yoga or it's carpal tunnel
  • 15:19 Because of wrist, had to stop dong teaching prep for Tues (hopefully will get to tomm). Studying Japanese instead.