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Ok, quick weekend post

Meh, I dragged myself to Einstein Bagels in order to try and get some work done. Sundays are just lethal for me these days. I take Saturday off resolutely and then have trouble getting started again on Sunday. The pace that I have to set for myself during the week requires a bit of build-up.

My program went on a cruise together on Friday. I know most people brought dates, but I was still like "who are half of these people?!" It was really nice to see some people who I haven't seen in weeks, and the view of the Chicago skyline from the middle of Lake Michigan was amazing. I took some photos, but I'm so flaky about updating online things lately that they may have to wait. I need fewer things to do, not more.

Sometimes I'm really, really glad I don't own property. Just cleaning my apartment is enough for now, thankyouverymuch. I'm not ready yet.

I sure was pleased in September when everyone else had gone back to school and I was still enjoying my summer, but now that I won't finish this quarter for a few weeks and still have summer quarter to deal with I have lost my thrill at the U's shifted schedule. The weather is cooperating today and representing "early spring when everyone is still in school."

Um, who wants to come take notes from this pile of library books for me. Wake me up when you're done?

Oh yeah, a couple more things. j and I went to the Chicago 'green' festival yesterday. It was food free-sample insanity, but overall a bit underwhelming. Cleaning supplies, pet stuff, and bath+body products were underrepresented. We walked almost a mile indoors at a very sloooowww pace (we know this thanks to a free pedometer we got near the door).

But I found 20 bucks on the street yesterday and nobody was around to have dropped it so that was pretty awesome. I want to take that as a sign my luck is turning. I hardly feel guilty finding someone's twenty while walking around Chicago's "Mag Mile' either. They were probably using it to blow their nose. ;)
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Anyone have a recommendation for some earphones that can easily be stowed away in my jacket pocket (with my crusty old ipod), but that don't sound terrible?

More info:
Really, I can't hear the distinction between high-end headphones and decent ones. Noise canceling would be awesome but I'm probably not willing to pay a lot for it. These are the "commuting" headphones and they get banged around a fair bit.

The original ipod buds started shocking me (they are, as I mentioned, quite old) and my Seinheisers got caught in something and suffered a torn wire. Before I just replace them I'd love to hear opinions.

In other news, why hasn't anyone written a decent, consistently upated LJ widget? Maybe there's one I don't know about. Oh, and it's 46 degrees after being 80 on Friday.

I'd really love j and I both to magically get new iPods, but that's not happening. One of those decadent purchases that I'd actually get a lot of love out of.

Question for a Dreary Thursday

Can you work from home? I mean this in terms of two things:

1. How does it affect your moods?
2. How much do you get done as opposed to working outside of your home?

In other news- my favorite headline of the day: Chicago area in path of 1,800-mile-wide storm
Subheader: "23 states have severe weather warnings."

That'd be cool if it didn't mean more cold and wet for us.
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35th snow of the season?!

Wow, ok, if it snows tonight it'll be the 35th snow of the winter. _35th_. You know why I was so enchanted by snow in Providence? We got less than ten snowfalls on average each winter (sometimes fewer, sometimes more), and maybe 1-2 snowfalls above a couple of inches.
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The weather (again)

OK, so it's unreasonably and unholy cold outside (Currently 4 with a wind chill of -15.) I do need to stop pretending it never got this cold in Pennsylvania when I was growing up. It rarely, however, dropped below 0 while I lived in Rhode Island, a fact that caused me to annually remark: "You know, when I was growing up, the world was colder." I remember many winters not being allowed outdoor recess at school in PA because the temperature was below zero.

And this brings me to a non-sequitor... the sponsors of the contest we won are having us blog for Mei. :) Here it is:

ETA- Now it's -2 with a windchill of -21 degrees.
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Asked and Answered

Is there anything more boring than writing a bibliography for a research proposal. Seriously... argh.

In other news, I think we may get 1 non-grey day every two weeks here. I feel badly for anyone with S.A.D. in this city. I supposedly like grey weather and it's even getting to me.

My dogs are groomed and smell good. I like when their bodies are neat and compact. Mei was quite the celebrity yesterday, getting her photo taken for everything under the sun. Apparently I am going to get to blog for her too, as the "makeover" continues. Sadly, j and I missed most of the festivities because we didn't realize we were supposed to be back at the groomer's at noon and were waiting for a phone call. Mei got held by a strange man in the group photos. Hopefully we'll get to enjoy the fun more from here. So far Mei got two free toys and some dog food.
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Chicago snark

Seriously, is it ever not snowing in this city? ;)

p.s. I slept well, and for more than 3-4 hours last night for the first time in 6 weeks! It was amazing. Then I had a tofu scramble and coffee as a reward.
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Got-dang cold

Ugh, my weather widget is winking "9 degrees" at me. J and I are having a Battlestar Gallactica marathon. Tomorrow he goes back to work, which means so do I, and I have plenty of it. I need to not obsess over it, really. I'm happy when I have work to do, I just whip myself into hysteric nervousness about it. I avoided making any kind of new year's resolution about daily meditation, because I keep failing at that, but I ought to. Yeah. Pshaw.

I've been really into kundalini yoga lately. It makes me feel invigorated and clear-headed, when few things do.

Ugh, no way are the dogs going to potty outside in this weather.
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Hello, world, are you still out there?

I am kind of done writing my exams. I think. I may actually resurface again soon as a normal person. I've been flat out for a while and I am just wiped. I have to proofread them tomorrow morning for... you know... the English language.. and then walk them to their respective in-boxes.

Then, hm, maybe I'll get a victory latte. It really is the little things. Our program is having a pub night tomorrow on their dime, so I think the j. and I will be going to that. I'm not ruling out driving the two blocks either, if it insists on being as cold out as it is right now. (But we did get snow today and yesterday!)

I'm kind of excited that next Tuesday one of my professors invited our little class and her dissertation writers over for drinks. My colleagues back east never even did that.

I really need to find some sort of research assistant position for next year, my year off, so I don't feel like too much of a loser taking the time off.

p.s. your mom

Windy city indeed

Wow, I know I've been absent a while and this is a weird "hey there" post, but I have never experienced winds like I did today here in Chicago. And right now, it's raining sheets of water. When I say I've never seen anything like this on the east coast, I'm serious. My bulky bike and I were nearly blown into a car, and that was in the balmier mid-afternoon. Glad I'm not on the bike right now, because all I hear from outside is a dull roar.
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